Frequently Asked Questions

We know many of you may have questions for us, perhaps these have already been answered before:

Q: Is there a separate entrance from the pub into the sauna?

A: The main door, often referred to as ‘the grey door’ in most queries, opens into a corridor. The door directly in front of you will take you into the pub, but if you walk down the corridor, the second door will take you into Gentry. Gentry is separate to Oak Vaults.

Q: Do I have to be a member to come in or show ID?

A: At Gentry, we do not have a membership system. We believe that you should be able to come and go, without us knowing your name, age, address etc. We won’t ask for a photo of you, all we ask is you pay the entry fee.

NB if your fortunate to look under 21 years of age or are claiming student discount we will ask for ID

Q: Do you provide towels or should I bring my own?

A: We provide towels for your visit, so you don’t have to bring your own. Our towels are bath sheet size. We provide smaller or larger towels upon request. Want a second towel? We can provide second towels during your visit.

Q: Do you offer massages?

A: We do have a masseur, however, we advise contacting us via telephone to book 24 hours in advance, just to make sure you can have what you want on the day you visit.

Q: Is Gentry men only?

A: Yes, Gentry Spa is a men-only venue, meaning there will be no women allowed. You just have to be male and open-minded.

Q: Is there parking at Gentry?

A: There is plenty of on street parking outside and nearby, as well as some relatively cheap car parks such as Francis St car park, all within easy walking distance.

Q: Can I wear outfits at Gentry?

A: We like everyone to be comfortable, so if you want to wear underwear, swimwear or be naked, you are welcome to do so. You’re also very welcome to wear any fetish-wear items you wish, from leather or rubber chaps, to stockings and suspenders.

We provide footwear in the form of sliders these are for your safety in wet areas and are worn throughout your visit. We do NOT allow any other type of footwear. You may bring your own sliders which we will allow subject to our discretion on safety grounds.

Q: Can I use my mobile phone inside Gentry?

A: We ask the all mobile phone use is restricted to the changing rooms to not invade anyone’s privacy. You are free to use them as much as you want inside the changing area, but ask you do not capture images of other customers. You are welcome however, to set any dating apps to say you’re at Gentry, should you wish to try and meet someone here.

YOUR QUESTION NOT HERE? If you have questions our staff will be delighted to help you please ring us 07904050679

For more info find us on Facebook where we update events and respond to messages, or contact us directly.